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Adiabatic cutting

Adiabatic cutting

The chipless high-speed cutting of rods and tubes, also known as high-speed impact cutting (HSIC) or “adiabatic cutting”, has a number of significant advantages over chip-removing cutting processes.

No material loss due to cutting, minimal burr formation, no deformation, cutting without coolants and chips

Adiabatic cutting is defined among other things as “high-velocity plastic deformation in the cutting zone, which leads to strong heating and thus dissolution or softening of the microstructure. Due to the

high speed, there is no heat transfer in the material edge zone.

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The process of
Adiabatic separation

  • High outputHighoutput thanks to short cycle times. up to 800 parts per minute are our production standard.
  • Minimal lossesTheadiabatic separation process reduces material loss by almost 100%. The cutting process is chipless.
  • Low-burr cutsFurtherprocessing of the separated parts can be carried out without prior deburring or vibratory grinding.
  • Smooth cut-off surfacesThanks toour high-speed process and a min. By drawing in the material, we achieve a very good flatness of the cut surface.
  • No change during processingTheadiabatic cutting process does not result in any relevant changes in strength from the cut surface.
  • Environmentally consciousCuttingwithout cooling lubricant and chips.

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